Can This “Strange Looking” Sock Fix Foot Pain?

By Phoebe Norman
Lifestyle & Tech l Sep 10th, 2021 l 9:17 am EDT

I spend hours on my feet each day...

And the last few months have been dreadful.

I constantly suffer from achy feet, stiff and sore joints and what I believe to be neuropathic pain.

The pain forced me to stop walking with my girlfriends. And it’s hard enough to get through a shift at work, so I’ve basically stopped all other exercise and activity.

I’ve got a three year old daughter who’s becoming more active…

And looking towards the future makes me slightly depressed…knowing I might have to sit on the sidelines during different experiences… And even stop working altogether if the pain persisted, which would cause a lot of financial stress.

I wanted a solution…

So I tried painkillers, which helped in the short-term but as soon as they wore off the pain would return. Painful massagers, which hurt like hell. And physical therapy…

The only thing that worked was physical therapy, but that was too expensive for how often I needed to go.

I was desperate, so before bed I posted to Facebook asking if any of my friends had suggestions.

My Friend’s Brilliant Advice:

The next morning I woke up to a message from an old school friend. 

She works as a receptionist at one of the state’s leading podiatry clinics.

She mentioned a new product one of the foot doctors had created called the Neurosock. It’s a foot pain relief sock that uses “multi compression” technology, to provide near instant pain relief. 

Now, naturally I was skeptical. I wasn’t overly convinced that a strange looking sock could help with my foot pain, and it seemed like another gimmick if I’m being honest…

“Does it actually work?” I asked. Here’s what she said:

It’s not that I didn’t believe her…

I just don’t usually buy things on a whim, particularly pain relief products, so I did some research…

The Cause of Foot Pain:

In my investigation, I found that 97% of foot conditions were either caused or made worse by poor blood circulation…

This is because when fresh blood travels to an area of the body, it also brings its natural healing properties…

These aid in the repair of damaged cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

The other factor is that poor circulation causes old blood to pool and swell…

And it’s this swelling that causes the aching and the pain.

So it makes sense that for any treatment to work in the long-term, it needs to assist with blood circulation.

The Power of Kenko Back Compression Socks™:

The brilliance of the Kenko Back Compression Socks™ lies in the fact that it incorporates breakthrough “multi compression” technology…

The cross-woven fabric provides the perfect amount of compression to the heal, arch and ankle.

With these socks, two things occur:

Why Back Pain Specialists Recommend Therax™ Decompression Belt?

I received the Kenko Back Compression Socks™ just 3 days after I ordered them. The packaging was a little bit plain but I’m not really buying them for the packaging… I just need them to work. I’ll try them tomorrow. 

Day 1: The Kenko Back Compression Socks™ are doing their thing! I wore them during a 12-hour shift at the ward, running after patients all night and I need to say that my feet were still in pain after the shift, but the pain was more like a 3-4/10 rather than a 7-8/10.

Day 8: It’s been a week now, and I finally had a shift with absolutely no pain at the end. My feet were still tired but there wasn’t that sharp pain. 

Day 14: I managed a short walk with girlfriends, the first one in months. 

Day 30: I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my pain, I’m back chasing after my daughter. On some days the pain does return slightly, but it’s a significant improvement and I’m confident it won’t be long until I’m completely pain free.

The Neck Hero Pro in Action:

After the 30 days I messaged my friend to tell her it was a success, and she couldn’t resist saying “I told you so”.

She also mentioned that due to the Kenko Back Compression Socks™ effectiveness, they have sold out twice already. 

So if you’re reading this review and want one, I suggest grabbing yours sooner rather than later before they sell out again.

I’ve noticed since wearing the Kenko Back Compression Socks™, I’m much happier at work knowing I can get through shifts pain-free, I’m less stressed because I’ve been back walking…

And the most important thing is I’m excited and looking forward to creating a lot of memories with my daughter as she keeps growing. 

Here’s What Else Is Great About The Kenko Back Compression Socks™:

5 Compression Zones: Helps stabilize the foot, prevent injury, and ease pain in three separate areas.

Durable Fabric: With 4-way compression so it easily stretches according to your foot shape.

High-Performance Material: For comfortably wearing any type of footwear.

Compression Zone Technology: Kenko Back Compression Socks™ were designed using compression zone technology.

Non-Slip Cuff: Holds the sock securely in place.

Breathable and Lightweight: Resists moisture and odors.


Real Customers. Real Results:

Over 28,000 customers have eliminated their foot pain with the Kenko Back Compression Socks™, let’s hear from some of them:

“I could not recommend these socks more highly. Once I found out about what’s in all those painkillers I didn’t want to take them anymore and I wanted a better solution”
- Apple M.
“I must admit, I thought this was another gimmick but was pleasantly surprised when these socks actually did what they said they would. It’s great for long shifts on my feet”
- Nida P.
“Have been using these socks on my hikes and walks and they are miracle workers”
- Gregg R.


Your Questions...Answered

We got the best questions from our readers and answered them below…

  • Hi! I’ve tried a lot of other social media pain relief devices that promise the world and don’t deliver. Isn’t this just another gimmick?

    Truth be told, that’s what I thought too! After using the device for 30 days, rest assured I can categorically say it isn’t a gimmick. Kenko Back (the company behind the Kenko Back Compression Socks™) are so confident in the Kenko Back Compression Socks™ they even offer a crazy “results or full refund” 90 day, guarantee on every purchase. If you don’t get foot pain relief within 90 days, you get a full refund.

  • Are Neurosocks recommended by medical professionals?

    Yes. It was created by a leading podiatrist and is recommended by others.

  • Is there any evidence around this device?

    The Kenko Back Compression Socks™ use compression technology. I did some digging and compression technology assists with blood circulation, which helps in the healing of joints.

  • I haven’t heard of Kenko Back before, where are they based?

    Great question. Kenko Back are a US based start-up specialising in pain relief devices. They currently have offices in Arizona (US) and Brisbane (Australia) and have been featured in many top publications.

  • Will The Neurosocks help with other foot-related problems?

    Yes - the Kenko Back Compression Socks™ will assist with foot aches, foot pain, swelling, edema and neuropathic pain.

  • How long until I see results?

    I felt much better after the first try! And results continued to get better as I used it more.

Conclusion: It’s a No Brainer

Foot pain isn’t just irritating - it can lead to daily chronic pain, reliance on painkillers and in the worst cases risky and expensive surgery.

Fortunately, the Kenko Back Compression Socks™ is a simple and cost effective solution to eliminate foot pain without painkillers or regular physical therapy appointments.

If you’re struggling with foot pain, I highly recommend trying them out.

OK, So How Much Does It Cost:

Kenko Back Compression Socks™ have saved me hundreds on painkillers, physical therapy sessions and other substandard solutions

It normally retails for $39.95 + Shipping for a pair of socks, and when you consider that this is a one-time purchase, as well as the savings made on all the other solutions… it truly is a no brainer!


As of today, the Kenko Back Compression Socks™ are 50% OFF. The sale price is only $39 with free shipping for the Buy 3, Get 1 Free and they have a special offer on the 3 unit bundle.

You can get it on this page right here.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Getting The Authentic Kenko Back Compression Socks™?

Kenko Back Compression Socks™ is only available through the official website, and here’s how you get it.

Step 1: Click the link and check availability to order.

Step 2: Put the device on your foot.

Step 3: Experience foot pain relief!