Do Neck Devices Actually Eliminate Neck Pain and Fix Neck Hump? I've Tested Hundreds of These Products - Here Are 3 That Actually Work

Of all the questions I’m asked by patients with neck issues at my clinic, the most common is…

“Dr. Story… which of these neck products I see being advertised on the internet actually work?”

If you have experienced any form of neck pain, you know how frustrating it can be.

And so, you’ve probably searched for a solution to this problem but… how do you know which ones actually work?

In my experience as a chiropractor some neck products work, but most don’t. And trying to find the right ones for yourself isn’t cheap, right?

The list of neck products out there never seems to end. And that’s the reason why I’ve decided to write this honest review.

Because throughout my 20+ years of chiropractic experience…

I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of individuals to help them eliminate neck pain, fix their posture and feel their best!

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to try almost every type of technique and product out there on me and my clients. And I can honestly say that 80% of them are pure marketing hype.

Some neck products actually deliver what they promise, but the truth is there’s one crucial element that will truly heal your neck - and it’s not massaging it!

The winning solution that I recommend to all my clients who don’t want to rely on painkillers or live with a hunchback posture all their life is…

Stretching and performing the right exercises for their neck!

That’s right, stretching is the only effective and proven way to reverse years of bad posture and damage to your neck.

But you can’t just stretch your neck any old way…

More specifically, there’s a “special angle” of stretching the neck at 26 degrees. 

And this angle/practice is known as “cervical traction”

This practice directly decompresses the spine and lengthens tight muscles, relieving neck pain and reversing the impact of desk posture and neck hump.

Nowadays it’s very common for people to spend a large part of their day hunched over a desk, TV, or smartphone.

This is something that really harms the muscles in your neck and upper back…

Compressing the discs in the vertebrae…

And making your neck stiff and sore.

And to heal them / undo this damage, you need to perform “cervical traction” to your neck - and there are few products that actually do what’s necessary to achieve this.

In the last 3 years I’ve tested hundreds of neck products… (so you don’t have to)

And in this review I’ll share with you my top 3 products that actually helped me and my clients eliminate neck pain and restore a confident posture:

When I first discovered it, this product truly blew me away.

A top chiropractor teamed up with a US-based health start-up - known as Kenko Back…

And designed a device that perfectly simulates the cervical traction technique I talked about.

By stretching the neck at the angle of 26 degrees…

I'd never heard of Neck Cloud until a colleague of mine showed me this product some years ago and I've been recommending it to my clients ever since.

Besides being time and cost-effective, this product is completely safe and simple to use - without requiring any pulleys or electricity.

This makes it possible for you to heal your neck and correct your posture from the comfort of your home without having to visit your chiropractor’s office every week.

Its curved design stretches and decompresses the neck, while the acupressure points target and releases tight muscles.

The reason that Neck Cloud was my number one pick is that it has this perfect combination (perfect stretch + acupressure points) that fights…

  • neck pain

  • neck hump

  • desk posture

  • and tension headaches

    And the best part is that it only takes 10 minutes a day to see results!

    What blew my mind even more was the fact that the company stands behind its product with a strong guarantee.

    This means that if you use the product for 60 days (yes, 60 days) and are not satisfied with the results, you are eligible for a full refund!

    The only negative aspect of this product is that you won’t find it in any retail store. You can only buy it online on their
    official site (HERE) and they get sold out pretty fast.

    So, if it’s available for purchase now I recommend getting your hands on one as you don’t want to be waiting for new stock to arrive!

    A top chiropractor teamed up with a US-based health start-up - known as Kenko Back…

    Check Out Neck Cloud Here >>




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    2. Neck Relax

    Neck Relax is a little more expensive, but if you are a high-tech geek you will like this device.

    The product uses a combination of infrared heat, electric pulses and ultrasound to massage the neck and eliminate neck pain and tension headaches.

    It’s a portable and compact device that you can use anytime between 10 and 30 minutes per session to achieve significant relief in your neck muscles.

    The main negative points of this product are…

    • It doesn’t target the root cause of neck pain (only massages but doesn’t stretches the neck).

    • It requires constant recharging and changing batteries - which makes you spend more money in the long run.

      Another downside is that the company doesn’t offer a guarantee, so you may be at risk of being disappointed with your purchase - and not getting your money back.

      For these reasons, I ranked this device as number #2 in this review.

      Check Out Neck Relax Here >>




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      3. Neck Hammock

        This product is a compact and somewhat portable device that functions as a hammock that stretches your neck.

        I say “somewhat” because it requires some kind of structure - generally a door - so you can attach it to and hang your head.

        My main critique of this product is that it doesn’t stretch the neck at the correct angle of 26 degrees - failing to perform the cervical traction the right way.

        This product works for some users, but I’ve heard testimonials of people that hurt themselves because they didn’t set the device the correct way, making the straps of the device slip after a few minutes of use.

        And this accounts for the major downside of this product: it requires a complicated setup.

        It comes with straps and pulleys that you have to attach to your door, which can be a little confusing and turn into one big hassle.

        Furthermore, some patients complained about the device hurting their ears and putting too much pressure on their neck, making their whole head numb.

        This can be a little inconvenient, making it difficult for you to relax - which invalidates the main purpose of the product.

        For the reasons above, I ranked this device as number #3 in this review.

        Check Out Neck Hammock Here >>




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