The Truth About The "Rolled Towel Technique": Chiropractor Reveals Everything You Need To Know About This Homemade Neck Practice

By Adam Story, Doctor of Chiropractic
Aug 7th, 2022 l 9:17 am EDT

People all over the world are using a rolled-up towel to perform homemade techniques in order to relieve neck pain, reverse bad posture and even that ugly neck hump.

But can these practices actually replace your chiropractor appointments and restore your neck health?

As a chiropractor, I am often asked by clients if alternative techniques like neck massages or the “rolled towel” work well enough to replace dedicated neck health practices like specific stretches, exercises and interventions.

Do These Homemade Techniques Actually Work To Eliminate Neck Pain?

The truth is that while these alternatives may help to temporarily reduce the pain and discomfort, simply massaging or hanging your neck with a towel won’t have any noticeable or long-term impact on your neck health, neck hump or posture.

Besides being a little tricky to do it alone, most of the time - if you're not an experienced physician - chances are that you won't apply the adequate amount of pressure or the right angle to have an effective impact on your neck muscles and posture.

If you are looking for something to effectively eliminate neck pain and reverse bad posture, I would instead recommend investing in a good device that performs what's really important for the neck:

An evidence-based technique known as cervical traction.

The cervical traction technique (a fancy name for “stretching your neck at the exact angle of 26 degrees”) is proven to:

  • eliminate neck pain
  • decompress the spine and lengthen tight muscles
  • release muscle tension
  • restore the natural curvature of your neck

This is because when you stretch the neck at this specific angle, it essentially “unlocks” your neck.

Decompressing the discs, releasing pressure on pinched nerves and lengthening tight muscles. Nutrient-rich blood flow also floods into the neck, aiding in the reversal of damage.

This works to eliminate neck pain, poor posture and fight against neck hump.

‘Nowadays it’s very common for people to spend a large part of their day hunched over a desk, TV, or smartphone.

This is something that really harms the muscles in your neck and upper back…

Compressing the discs in the vertebrae…

And making your neck stiff and sore.

And to heal them / undo this damage, you need to perform “cervical traction” to your neck - and there are few products that actually do what’s necessary to achieve this.

In the last 3 years I’ve tested hundreds of neck products… (so you don’t have to)

And I’ll share with you the top product that actually helped me and my clients eliminate neck pain and restore a confident posture:

It's called the Neck Cloud™ Cervical Traction Device and over 90,000 people have left positive reviews. Full details are below.


Dr Story - American Chiropractor with The Neck Cloud™

Dr. Story is an American Chiropractor who noticed a huge spike in poor posture, neck hump and chronic neck pain thanks to so many people working from home during the pandemic...

He barely had enough time to see them all, so he created an new medical device his patients could use at home instead of visiting his clinic 2-3 times a week.

The new device is called The Neck Cloud™

How does it work?

When people sit at a desk for extended periods, your head sits further forward than it should, and this puts an additional 30kg of pressure on the neck.

And combining this with the impact of gravity compresses the spine, the result is that muscles compensate by shortening, causing the "rounding" of the neck and upper back AND ultimately the ugly desk posture and neck hump.

The Neck Cloud™ solves this problem by using "cervical traction", a fancy way of saying "stretching the neck at the correct angle" to target the root cause of the poor posture and restore the neck's natural curvature.

Once you use the Neck Cloud™, a few things begin to happen: firstly, the deep stretch decompresses the spine and counteracts the effect of desk work...

This increases the space between each disc in the vertebrae and releases pressure on nerves running through the neck, ultimately restoring the neck's natural posture and eliminating pain.

Secondly, acupressure points that run along the surface of the device target tight muscles in the back of the neck, it's just like getting a deep tissue massage.

With consistent use over a period of two weeks, the neck's natural curve will restore, that ugly neck hump will be gone and you will experience pain relief.

What You Can Expect From The Neck Cloud™

Relief from stiffness and muscle tension caused by Dowager’s Hump.

Restore natural curvature of the spine and neck.

Fix “neck” hump.

Regain full motion around the neck area.

Regain quality time with friends and colleagues.

Work and enjoy life without neck pain.

Here’s what people like about The Neck Cloud™

  • It’s extremely comfortable and relaxing.
  • It feels like a massage … without a visit to a masseuse.
  • Relief comes from just 5-10 minutes a day.
  • It helps with problems like headaches and Dowager’s Hump.
  • No need for expensive chiropractor visits and/or pain killers.
  • Simple set-up means no pulleys or “weird” devices.
  • Takes away stress and helps with better sleep.
  • Reclaim energy, confidence, better posture, and a better overall mood.
  • Feel comfortable at work and at home.
  • Avoid other treatments including surgery.

Real People and Real Results …

Tens of thousands of people have gained relief from neck pain thanks to The Neck Cloud™. Let’s hear from some of them.
" I could not recommend this product more highly. I have tried other products over the years, chiropractors, osteopaths, pilates, acupuncture, but this has more effectively done the job than any of them.
- Apple M.
"I must admit, I thought this was a complete scam but fell for the advertising. I was pleasantly surprised when this product actually did what it reported to do. I'm recommending this to my sister who has pain neck as well!"
- Nida P.
'I had a dreadful neck hump and purchased the Kenko Neck product and can already see a difference in my posture. I feel taller and notice my shoulders are further back''
- Samantha R.

Your Questions... Answered

We got the best questions from our readers and answered them below…

  • Hi! I’ve tried a lot of other social media pain relief devices that promise the world and don’t deliver. Isn’t this just another gimmick?

    Truth be told, that’s what I thought too! After using the device for 30 days, rest assured I can categorically say it isn’t a gimmick. Kenko Back are so confident in their Neck Cloud™ device they even offer a crazy “results or full refund” 60 day, guarantee on every purchase. If you don’t get pain relief, you get a full refund.

  • Is The Neck Cloud™ recommended by medical professionals?

    Yes. It was created by a medical professional.

  • Is there any evidence around this device?

    The Neck Cloud™ uses cervical traction. I did some digging and cervical traction has been shown in peer-reviewed journals, like spine-journal and the orthopaedic & sports physical therapy journal to significantly improve neck pain.

  • I haven’t heard of Kenko Back before, where are they based?

    Great question. Kenko Back are a US based start-up specialising in pain relief devices. They currently have offices in Arizona (US) and Brisbane (Australia) and have been featured in many top publications.

  • Will The Neck Cloud™ help with other neck-related problems?

    Yes - the Neck Cloud™ will assist with chronic neck pain, that "nasty neck hump", tension headaches, desk posture and pinched nerve.

  • How long until I see results?

    I felt much better after the first try, with just 5 minutes of use! And results continued to get better as I used it more. It feels like a chiropractic adjustment.

If This Device Can Help With Neck Hump, It Must Be Expensive, Right?

If ignored, that nasty neck hump can cause bone structure in the body to change and with time will lead to a life of daily pain.

And the costs of medication can easily rise to $10,000+ a year…Add to that another $10,000+ a year for specialists and doctors’ appointments…

And considering the loss of earnings many people face when the pain gets unbearable…Then the Neck Cloud™ is an absolute steal.

Because you won’t even have to pay 1% of the extortionate numbers I just mentioned.

In fact, the creators of the Neck Cloud™, Kenko Back™, are offering a huge discount for new customers, making their prices unbeatable.

You can get up to 50% OFF on this page right here

The best part?You can try out the Neck Cloud™ for 60-days 100% Risk-Free. If you don’t love the near-instant neck pain relief, or you aren't satisfied in any way at all — you get every cent you paid back. No questions asked.


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