Neck pain, tossing and turning… Is your pillow the culprit?

Your average pillow puts your neck in a compromised position, and can lead to neck tension and stiffness, as well as tossing and turning throughout the night.

Equipped with 8 million air balls, the Neck Flowfrom Kenko Back perfectly adapts to your unique sleeping position.

Our pillow ensures the correct spinal alignment while you sleep, to give you the pain-free sleep you deserve.

Created for all types of sleepers

No fluffing, no fixing, no tossing and no turning to find a comfortable position.

Neck Flow pillow’s 8 million micro airballs adapts perfectly to the sleeping position of your neck.

Side sleepers, front sleepers and back sleepers. We’ve got you covered.

What makes the Necklow different?

We get it, there are thousands of pillows on the market and you’re probably wondering what makes this one so special.


Unique shape: We designed our pillow after several prototypes to conform perfectly to the natural c-shape of your neck, so you wake up without pain.

8 million micro air balls:Our pillow is packed with tiny air balls that allow you to comfortably sleep in any position, without the usual tossing and turning.

Hygienic: Comes with a natural, machine washable and hypoallergenic pillowcase that does wonders for your skin, hair and overall health.

Breathable: Cooling and breathable that doesn’t get hot in the summer months.

What are the sleep saving benefits?

  • Perfect for every sleep position.

  • The most comfortable sleep or your money back. 

  • Cooling and Refreshing.

  • 8 million micro air-balls that mould to any sleep position.

  • Machine washable.

  • ️Promotes healthy skin and hair.

  • 60-night sleep trial on every purchase.

Take care of your neck and take care of your sleep:

Your bed is supposed to be a sanctuary of relaxation and restoration, not a place where you toss and turn and struggle with pain.

By perfectly contouring to your neck, the Neck Flowprovides the best night’s sleep or your money back.

In eliminating your pain, you’ll find an: elevation in mood, improved focus at work, amazing posture and confidence and a pain-free restorative sleep.

You can finally get back to living again.


Why Should You Choose The Glametry Soft Bonnet Hood?

No one wants damaged, dull or frizzy hair. But regular salon appointments are expensive and using a hand-held dryer is cumbersome.

The Glametry soft bonnet dryer cap easily connects to your hair dryer and evenly distributes heat…

This creates a deep conditioning effect all while keeping your hands free, so you can get on to more important things.

How Does It Work?

Drying your hair with hand-held dryers won’t ever result in even drying.

The Glametry soft bonnet dryer cap works to gently and evenly circulate heat over your hair…

It’s equipped with interval ventilation holes to produce the right amount of heat and air flow every single time.

The impact of the even heat opens up hair follicles and hair cuticles in the scalp. This allows more of the hair conditioner or oil to deeply penetrate and nourish each follicle.

The result is deeply conditioned, thicker and healthier hair without the need for a salon appointment.

What Are The Hair Saving Benefits?

- Portable: Get salon ready hair on vacation.

- Deeply nourishing: Healthier, stronger & frizz-free hair or your money back.

- Money back in your pocket: Get salon treatments without the cost.

- Time saving: Cuts regular drying and conditioning in half.

- Free your hands:Let the bonnet do its thing while you get onto more important things.

- Versatile:Use with treatments, rollers, clips or flexi-rods.

How Do I Use It?

It’s so simpleyou’ll wonder where it’s been your whole life!

Step 1: Hook up the drying hose to your dryer.

Step 2:Wrap the hood around your head and adjust the fit with the strap.

Step 3: Let the dryer blow out your hair safely while you apply make-up or get to more important things!

Step 4: Remove hood and enjoy salon quality hair.

Today Only: Free With Every Purchase

- Free travel pouch: so you can take our bonnet wherever you need.

- Free headband:towel-texture heat protection headband to prevent irritation.

- Free eBook: follow the instructions to turn your home into a salon!



Can't find question? email us support@Kenkoback.Com

What are the dimensions Neck Flow pillow?

Neck Flow Sleep pillow is plus size: 19in x 7in x 5in (50cm x 20cm x 15cm).

Does this help reduce snoring ?

Yes! The Neck Flow pillow does help alleviate snoring.

As you lay down on the pillow, our contour design elevates stress upon your neck and spine, allowing your airways to expand, making you breathe much easier.

When you sleep with perfect posture, your head and body would be perfectly aligned. Hence, your neck and airways would be in perfect alignment as well.

Does the pillow help relieve neck and back pain?

Yes, the pillow consists of 8 million micro air spheresthat optimally support your neck during sleep.

Is this pillow breathable or does it get hot?

The Neck Flow pillow is made up of super breathable fabric, so it stays cool and does not get hot.

Can the pillow be washed?

Specially coated Micro Airballs do not absorb water, making it quick and easy to wash. Simply toss it in the washing machine and dry it in a well-ventilated and shaded area!

I have sleep apnea and I am using a CPAP machine/mask. Would the pillow work for me?

Neck Flow pillow will work perfectly with people who use CPAP machines while sleeping. A lot of our users with sleep apnea reported positive feedback and they are completely satisfied with our pillow.

I wanna take it with me when traveling. Is it heavy?

The Neck Flow pillow is made of light air balls, so it is very soft, elastic, and lightweight.

Does this pillow make any noise when you move your head to shift your sleeping position?

No! The Neck Flow pillow does not make any noise at all. The material inside is super tiny and elastic, so it does not make any sound.